Lexie Marlow Hot Bikini Pimping the 138 Once Again

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bill-swift - April 23, 2014

I'd sure like an invite to the 138 Water launch party, whatever year that will be. Provided of course all of these sextastic models they keep trotting out in blessedly tiny bikinis around their curvaceously perfect frames are all in attendance, preferably pouring water over their chests. That would certainly be better than my last backyard party where the pinata I bought from a garage sale turned out to be filled with asbestos and saccharin.

Lexie Marlow is back in the two piece pimping suit pushing the bottled water on the beach in Malibu. If drinking that water gives you a body like Lexie's, I presume they will have no trouble selling it to women until there is no more left to sell. If Lexie promised to take her top off, I'd buy a case myself. I love an upfront proposition. Plus, now I'm kind of thirsty. Enjoy.

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