Let’s Take A Brief Tour of Lindsey Pelas’ Faptastic Giant Cleavage

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aldo-vallon - November 6, 2018

I have never seen any evidence of this, but I have heard that there are men out there who are fond of large breasts. If this is really true than all ten of them are probably big fans of Lindsey Pelas. Her boobs are slightly larger than average, right? I do not have the statistics in front of me at the moment in order to verify that. Although, it is possible that she is just really small and by comparison her boobs would only be average in size. It might just be due to a deceiving perspective that she appears to moderately large mammaries.

I sure hope that all of the men out there who are into boobs discover Lindsey. Right now they are underserved demographic on the internet. Thirty years ago they would have been in heaven, but times have changed. Vintage Playboy pics can only satisfy a person for so long. Eventually they will need new content, and thankfully Lindsey is around to provide just that. Now, if only a shining star that has a big ass would be so kind as to make themselves visible we could quench the thirst of a couple dozen other people.


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Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA