Let’s Start The Controversy: Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Scott Is Smoking Hot

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aldo-vallon - September 13, 2018

Given past beefs Eminem has had with people over his daughter, I am going to pick my words very carefully.

Taking one look at Hailie makes it clear as day that the woman has huge talent. There is talent dripping out of every pore in her body. So much so that it is hard to focus on any one thing. For example, as soon as I realize her fine taste in clothing, I immediately notice her great taste in furniture to sit on. Where some people would choose to sit on a more conventional piece, like a lawn chair or tire swing, Hailie had the presence of mind to choose a fainting couch. I know that is what it is called because of my skills in Google fu.

And then as soon as I get accustomed to the furniture, her hair catches my eye. She changes up the style more times than a diva changes her wardrobe. Straight hair, ponytail, curls. This girl needs to make up her mind.

It is ballsy for her to go with the high ponytail look. I thought Ariana Grande had that style on lockdown, but I think Hailie has the potential to steal it. Hailie has the added benefit of not making me feel like a predator when I see her.


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Photo Credit: Instagram