Let’s Make Rachel Bilson A Thing

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earl-jonas - July 28, 2017

Last week Rachel Bilson gave us a decent helping of rackaronis, but I'm here to say that papa still hungry. Bilson has transcended her girl-next-door-esque vibe of yesteryear, and seems to be ready for sex symbol status. Or maybe she's just in a bathing suit. Whatever. The thirty-five-year-old busty brunette could have joined the ranks of Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba as A-list alone time aid, but instead, she decided to be marginally famous and stay covered a lot. Not the career choice I would have gone with, but to each their own. 

Yesterday Bilson took to Instagram once again to show off her fantastic frame in a bathing suit alongside two gal pals. Her natural beauty radiates all the way from her beautiful makeup-free face to her ample natural rack. I hope I'm not alone in saying "Rachel, send nudes."


Photo Credit: Instagram

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