Let’s Check out What was Going on in NFL Stands in Week Four

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michael-garcia - October 4, 2012

Some good efforts from fans on the road this week in the NFL. A lot of stadiums you really wouldn't be advised to show up in too much gear repping the visiting team (looking at you, Oakland), but there was some good road fandom this week. This installment of the fan check features some people going all out in Green Bay to hype the Saints and some Chicago fans going big in Dallas.

So as we wait just over a day for week five to kick off with Arizona visiting St. Louis in the Thursday night game, let's take a look at some of the rowdy behavior that went down in NFL stadiums this past week. I don't mean the stuff that's getting people arrested, I'm just talking about the good old paint your face, draw up a sign and scream your face off kind of rowdy behavior.

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