Let’s Check Out What Was Going on in NFL Stands in Week 13

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michael-garcia - December 6, 2012

All the dumb quarterback drama in New York has even spawned this headline on NFL.com: 'Tim Tebow era over for New York Jets?' I like Gregg Rosenthal, but there wasn't an era to begin with in New York. But that's what Tebow does, creates news by not doing anything.

Here's a few other NFL tidbits that people are talking about right now; apparently Cam Newton acted like an entitled ass at the Pro Bowl in February. According to CBSSports.com, Newton blew off another player's kid autograph request at a players only function and was kind of dick to Ray Lewis.

Also, Chad Johnson, who was cut by the Dolphins in the preseason has guaranteed he will play again. The soon-to-be-35-year-old Johnson might get a shot, but at his age and with the baggage he brings, he might not. But a guy has to believe, right? Just like the fans around the league believe in their teams. Well, not so much in New York.

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