Let’s Check Out What Was Going on in NFL Stands in Week 10

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michael-garcia - November 15, 2012

I think it's pretty much safe to assume that Andy Reid's long tenure in Philadelphia will be over at the end of year. There's no point in firing the guy now and having some interim coach come in and do the same thing. Reid's season got off to the most unimaginable start possible when one of his sons died at training camp from a heroin overdose. So his season began with tragedy and it will most likely end in his firing. Rough all the way around.

Business is business and the fans in Philadelphia are showing their frustration at games with signs, shirts, and at least one pretty funny Andy bag mask. Reid has led the Eagles to 129 wins, 7 division championships, four NFC championship games and one Super Bowl. But this season has been mostly a disaster. After the Eagles squeaked out a couple early wins, they've been pretty terrible.

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