Let’s Catch Up On All of Lindsey Pelas’ Big Gigantic Cleavage Pics

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aldo-vallon - November 13, 2018

I was always told the proportions of Jessica Rabbit were impossible on a human body and that drawings like that did nothing but further skew male’s expectations for females. Clearly, the only people skewing my expectations were the lazy sacks who never even tried.

Now that Lindsey proved to us that she is possible I hope she inspires other women to break free from the mold of “realistic expectations”. There was a time when we didn’t think running a mile in under four minutes was possible either, but now people do it on the regular. I don’t do it because I don’t feel like it, but now I know it is possible.

Maybe in the near future Lindsey will not be an anomaly and she will instead be the standard. It’s a beautiful thought. So long as she continues to take her selfless selfies as motivators for the rest of the world I think there is a chance. But it is up to us to spend countless hours on social media so that we can remember Lindsey and women like her. If we forget her then her sacrifices will have been for nothing.


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Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA