Leo DiCaprio’s GF Camila Morrone Puts On A Ridiculously Sexy Cleavage Show For Jordache

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rusty-mattis - October 26, 2018

Camila Morrone needs to be careful kneeling when she is wearing spurs. If those little bits of metal are capable of getting monstrous horses to do what a little human wants them to do then they are certainly capable of tearing up an otherwise impeccable ass. I doubt those jeans she is wearing are durable enough protect them from that.

I am beginning to think that all of these ranch photos are staged. I do not want to come off as too much of a conspiracy theorist, but it is rare to see a woman of her quality getting down and dirty like this. All women grew up enamored with horses of course, likely due to their association with princesses, but few are willing to shovel manure so the passion usually dies when they are young.

All that are typically left in later years are those that are hefty enough to put in the work that is necessary. I have a lot of words that can accurately describe Camila, but hefty is not one of them. I’ll check back in twenty years to see if she grew into the role.



Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA