Len Wiseman’s New Chick Seems More Naked Than the Last One

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Lex Jurgen - February 17, 2017

There's no doubt that a decent segment of Trump hate is rooted in his trading up of wives for younger models during his middle years run. Many of these same anger management cases tolerated the far more conservative Bushes because they had long standing marriages to sweet librarian ladies. How bad can a man be if he's content with dipping into Barbara Bush for sixty years? Answer that as a woman.

Underworld film director Len Wiseman traded out Kate Beckinsale for this younger model, CJ Franco. This one likes to get naked and means it when she says, thank you. Swapping has only been seen as crass male behavior in the last minuscule fraction of human existence. And only then by wives and the men who they glare at.

Professional women of economic means are now reproducing this same trade-in pattern. Nobody's clawing their way to the top anymore to buy that better vacuum. Everybody wants young ass. If it was sold at Target and affordable, the shelf would be constantly empty.

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