Leighton Meester Looking Mighty Fine at Tribeca Film Festival

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bill-swift - April 22, 2014

I'm not sure which movie Leighton Meester was supporting at the Tribeca Film Festival, I only know she looked like a million damn dollars on the red carpet. We don't get to see the former Gossip Girl starlet very often in public, I'm not sure why, but when she comes to play hard, she always looks amazing and passion inducing in a cute girl next door dressed up for the prom kind of way.

I know people say I used the term underrated hottie far too often, but when is the last time you saw Leighton on any of those fading magazine's top 100 lists of sextastic celebrities? That's right, you don't. But she's on my list of girls I'd shank any one of you in the shower for five minute of conjugal time in the prison cafeteria with the smell of chipped beef accentuating the aroma of our intense, but rapid making of the sexy gyrations. Oh, Leighton, I do appreciate you while others go for the more obvious girls. That ought to earn me some kind of peck on some kind of cheek. Enjoy.

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