Leggy Dua Lipa Dares To Bare In Ultra Sexy Cut-Out Dress

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aldo-vallon - June 22, 2018

So Dua Lipa is definitely not wearing any underwear, right? I know some underwear can ride up pretty high, but it couldn’t possibly be that high, could it? I can practically see her lower ribs in these pics. Her underwear would have to be cut to fit the build of Yao Ming.

Dua must either really trust the weatherman when he says that it will not be a windy day, or else she has discovered how to control the weather, because one light breeze is going to send that dress over her head and show off her goodies to everyone present. That option about controlling the weather is something that we have been trying to figure out for a while, so she had better share her secrets if she has any.

We were not doing all of those rain dances for thousands of years just for the fun of it, although I am sure it was a lot of fun. I have joined a dance competition in order to win a toaster, so I imagine the thrill of trying to save your community from a famine would be unlike any other.


Photo Credit: Splash News