LeBron James Joins Press Conference Hipster Fashion Parade (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - May 30, 2012

I don't know what's going with these NBA guys and this hipster/nerd thing they've got going on. LeBron James showed up his post-game press conference looking like this last night. I guess when you put up numbers and wins like he's doing, you can do whatever you want when it comes to fashion, but really LeBron?

Maybe he's trying to outdo Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook. If LeBron is trying to one up Westbrook, he needs to step it up.

In the video, LeBron talks about how they're going to keep attacking, no matter if Boston tries to get more physical, yeah yeah, whatever. How can anyone in the room pay attention to what he's saying or take him serious when he's looking like that? Now I'm looking forward to post-game media sessions just to see what these guys are going to wear next.

Article by Eric Gray