Learn Absolutely Nothing in the New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 12, 2013

Who is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing? Is it Khan? What's the attack that happens in London? What is even a vague, ambiguous description of the plot of Star Trek into Darkness? If you possess any of these question, do not expect to have them answered in the new trailer that premiered in front of Oz over the weekend. In fact, there's only three shots that even show B. Batch's John Harrison (Khan, please?) and two of them are the exact same one but with a punch-in.

So what do we know at this point? We know Alice Eveis playing future gestater of Kirk spawn Carol Marcus. We know there's some kind of terrorist attack in England. We know the Enterprise crash lands underwater for some reason. And Pike is pissed at Kirk again just like in the last movie. But that's really about it. The film still has two months for a proper trailer with, you know, a plot, so stay tuned.

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