LeAnn Rimes Has a Publicity Plan

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Lex Jurgen - August 25, 2016

LeAnne Rimes has fucked herself pretty good with bad detail work on the face and a headfirst dive into the pool of crazy jealous wife, but when it's game time, she's got a plan to accentuate the positive.

Rimes doesn't get out on the town much these days. What with booking nine gigs a year in Canada and occasionally attending the soccer matches of stepkids to piss off their bio mom, she needs her rest. When she's out for the evening, she goes full tilt. What do I have that no other woman in the universe can equal? Here they are. No top, no bra, no problem. For ten seconds you forgot I was the anorexic who slashes tires. Victory is... shit, I dropped my nipple. Everybody freeze.


Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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