Lea Seydoux Super Hot For Esquire

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016

French actress and all around babe Lea Seydoux was looking mighty fine in Esquire. I remember when Lea first came on my radar in Blue is the Warmest Color. Have you seen that movie? There is the most intense and explicit lesbian sex scene in any mainstream movie I've ever seen. Oh, yes. You see Lea in all her glory. In these pics you don't quite get the full experience but a nice taste. Lea has a terrific set of eclairs. They make a man say, "sacre blu!" or however it's spelled. Does that mean sacred blue? Whatever. The point is that Lea is super sexy and Esquire made a good choice featuring her jubblies.

I recently saw her in The Lobster. That movie is super weird. It was so strange I'm not sure I understood it enough to like it. 


Photo Credit: Esquire

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