Lea Seydoux In A Sheer Top For Louis Vuitton

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2016

Sultry French actress Lea Seydoux wore a sheer top for expensive suitcase makers Louis Vuitton. I know they make other stuff other than expensive suitcases, but it's all just a bunch of ugly over-priced crap with his stupid initials on it. But I'd willingly fork over some cash for a $200 key fob if Lea was selling it to me with her jubblies showing. Lea has a pretty righteous pair of chichis that look incredible in that sheer top. She's got some nice nips from the look of it. I like a girl with some healthy areolas. Lea also has the benefit of having a sexy accent. You know those French girls are down for whatever. Sexytime helps fill the void of life's ennui or whatever.

Did you ever see Blue is the Warmest Color? There is a really intense lesbian love scene involving Lea. If you haven't seen it, you REALLY should. At least that scene. The rest of the movie is OK too. 


Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton