Lea Seydoux in Madame Figaro!

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Tex Hollywood - March 13, 2020

Lea Seydoux is a 34 year old French actress who has been hot for as long as we've known her. She's shot 4 movies in the last year, which is crazy.

She is in the upcoming and much anticipated Wes Anderson movie called French Dispatch , then Ildiko Enyedi's The Story of My Wife , more importantly she is in the latest Bond No Time to Die where she plays Bond's love interest. Busy body!

She is going to be taking some time off in 2020, which is too bad. Luckily, she's on the media tour for the New James Bond movie, which involves doing media, photoshoots, getting herself out there as much as possible.

She's looking amazing in Lea Seydoux!

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