Lea Michele Wet Swimsuit in Hawaii

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bill-swift - February 23, 2017

I'm certain Lea Michele works hard. Or at least I'm polite enough to say that. She certainly seems to revel in her beach and hiking vacation time. If you got it, flaunt it. That goes for free time and Hawaii trip money as well as a worked out body from yoga and other fancy lady workout routines. Lea keeps herself strong, and she bares her body in swimsuits to let you know that she knows you know just how strong.

The former Glee start and self-described musical artist took to the waters of the 50th state with her girlfriend for a little R&R from all that R&R. She seems to be having fun. We seem to be leering at her headlights in that tight black suit. You have to wonder if there's some kind of telekinetic connection therein. I am imagining them poking my eye out. And concentrating hard. If next time you see me I'm wearing an eye patch, you'll know that my powers are strong. And directed heavily at nipples. Enjoy.

Photo gallery: FameFlynet