Lea Michele Paddle Boarding Yoga in Hawaii

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bill-swift - February 24, 2017

Paddle boarding has become all the rage for the sextastic celebrities taking a break from their rigorous lives for a little down time in Hawaii. Half of that statement certainly isn't true. It's very much like surfing only we get much better photos now of the sweethearts in Spandex out in the mighty Pacific. Like Lea Michele, into her extended beach vacation. And while Lea doesn't opt for the bikinis, her one pieces are always colorful and troubled to contain her headlights.

Lea isn't the most buxom blessed lady out there, but she maintains her natural lady lines and organic curves, such as when she's on her board during yoga with her friend who is a girl. You won't often see men out there touching toes and doing leg lifts to work their glutes on the open ocean. This is yet another reason why women are more awesome than men, and an infinite times more so in the ogle worthiness department. C'mon, Lea, if this vacation goes much longer, you owe us some kind of slip. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet