Lea Michele Bikini Candids from Cabo Sink the Gleeful Pink

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bill-swift - February 21, 2012

As you know, we long ago issued an Egotastic! fatwah against our male readers watching Glee (even though I myself have seen two episodes of the show, with extenuating circumstances, though I know someday I shall face the stones firing at my grill as a consequence).

But, there are some saving graces (and hot bodies) from the show that give it some rightful reason to exist. Including Lea Michele, one of our long standing Hebrew School hotties, who was caught candidly in a little pink bikini by our tree-sitting paparazzi down Cabo way. Sometimes, a solid bikini candid of a TV actress hottie is all you need to break into song...

Cuando caliente el sol, aqui en la playa

(P.S. Thanks to 'Vinny H.' for the last minute addition of Lea's own Twitpic from Cabo, the final picture in the gallery)