Lawrence Vickers Attacked by Fire Ants During Practice

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michael-garcia - June 8, 2012

Former Houston Texan and now Dallas Cowboy fullback Lawrence Vickers can actually answer 'yes' to the question, 'do you have ants in your pants?' Seems Vickers got attacked by fire ants during OTAs with his new team yesterday.

Let's let Vickers tell it.

"Fire ants got in my pants, I was freaking out. Oh, ants!"

Oh, indeed. Vickers felt the stinging sensation during a play, below the waist. Yeah, you know where this is going.

Vickers was spotted hunched over with his hand on his hip, appearing injured. Turns out he was just trying to withstand the pain of the fire ants. I'm sure those stings hurt anywhere, but we're talking about a pretty sensitive area to begin with.

As Lawrence tells it...

"I was trying not to squeeze myself in front of women out there. I wanted to pull my pants down and run inside, but I couldn't do that. When those ants get close to those testicles, there ain't no laughing about that."

Ouch. Vickers apparently took some Benadryl, washed himself up, and got back out to drills.

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