Lauren Stoner Wears A Striped Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - June 17, 2014

The lovely Lauren Stoner showed off her redonkulous figure in a striped bikini in Miami Beach. As the weather gets warmer ladies wear less and less clothes. It's a scientific fact. It must have been a real scorcher in Miami because Lauren's bikini is small. Not only does it showcase her lovely funbags but the bottom barely covers her crotchecological region. Needless to say, (but I'm going to anyway), her booty is amazing and in (almost) full glory. Miami Beach truly is a magical place right now. I'm one of, like, five Cubans that grew up outside of Miami so I feel a little deprived. The only people who hang around the beaches of New York City are homeless dudes that have full on conversations with imaginary aliens. True story.

I wonder if Lauren got teased a lot in high school because her last name is stoner? There was probably a gaggle of potheads that would follow her around and giggle.