Lauren Stoner Pink Bikini Booty In Miami

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bill-swift - March 18, 2016

The Lauren Stoner beach body is back on the beaches of Miami, bringing hope and happiness to so many sand bound gentleman oglers on the shores of South Florida. Lauren was a regular bikini baring hot body on the beach, and while her visits have become perhaps less common, the presence of her taut and special kind of happy feelings body is always cause for celebration. She seems to really take pride in her fine female two piece form. I know I do. I mean in hers, not mine, the children don't need to see that.

Lauren is a year round resident of Miami so unlike many of the sextastic models who frequent the beach, she's a 365-days a year fixture. No migration for the summer or winter. This gives her some special kind of responsibility to keep her tanned body in epic shape, a stand to which she always maintains, and to which you can evaluate with her various bend-overs and leans on the beach. Oh, hot beach girl in sunglasses, will there ever come a day when you don't haunt my waking dreams? I think we know the answer to that question. Enjoy

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews