Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Put the Dang in Dang-Da-Dang-Diggity

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bill-swift - July 13, 2013

I know it seems like I like every single sweetly shaped celebrity asstastic on the beach in Miami, and, yes, actually, that is totally true. But, just like there are fifty shades of grey (what?) there are different depths and levels of bikini buttockal region perfection, such as Lauren Stoner who ranks right up there among the ones that give you the shakes and shudders.

Lauren's twin cheeks of wonderment are just tight and firm and round and perfect all over. And she's not shy about showing off her bottomside handiwork. It's like a peanut vendor hawking his nuts at the ballgame. Only, Lauren's product is far more delicious, though I imagine, still provide warm salty nuts. Wow, that was uncalled for. Enjoy.