Lauren Silverman Blue And White Bikini In Barbados

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bill-swift - December 23, 2015

I try never to judge the private lives of others. You know, lest I be judged as well. I don't even want to be mildly criticized or anybody to mock my ladies teddy bear collection. They all have names. It's not sad, they're my friends! When Lauren Silverman cheated on her husband to make a baby with Simon Cowell, my little moral antennae did almost raise up a bit, especially since Cowell was good friends with her husband and that seemed particular crappy on both their parts, even understanding the nature of lust. There are more gentle ways to go about getting what the heart and loins want.

Nevertheless that's water under the bridge and now we're treated to motherly Lauren Silverman, Mrs. Cowell in some common law, in bikinis around the world on family vacations with her bad but quite successful music making baby daddy. And Lauren brings some serious game to the party. This week in Barbados in a blue and white striped number showing off her MILFy boobtastic and a body Cowell likes showing off at his fancy parties. There is somebody out there for everybody, even if that somebody is your buddy's wife I suppose. Nice bikini. I forgive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash