Lauren Pope, Talia Storm, Olivia Buckland and All The Hotties At The ‘Rampage’ Premiere

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elliot-wolf - April 13, 2018

There needs to be an air conditioner on at all times set at maximum cool whenever Lauren Pope, Talia Storm, and Olivia Buckland walk into the same room. I’m sweating from just thinking about it. I’m a firm believer in miracles but I had no idea that one would be performed when the movie Rampage was being released. The stars aligned and made my ultimate dream come true. Because normally I’d have to be sound asleep before three of the hottest women walking on everything but water all showed up to the same place. I came up with scheme after scheme in my dream to have my triple threat desire manifest itself. Today must be my lucky day.

Now that I know wishing works I have a few other scenarios I would like to see happen that involve these women. The list is actually so long I’m having trouble prioritizing what’s most important. At the moment it’s a tie between a two versus two pillow fight, or a potato sack race. It'll be hard picking only one to be on my team. I hope the girls are into having some well deserved playtime, because movie premieres can be stressful.

Photo Credit: Splash News