Laura Whitmore Was Damn Excited To Be Working the Yahoo Wireless Fest

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bill-swift - July 17, 2013

The Yahoo Wireless Fest in Jolly Old England is a pretty big musical to-do. One of the big four or five concerts of the summer season in the land where outdoor musical events are limited to a rather short calendar window. Nobody seemed more excited to be at the Wireless Fest than British Irish MTV presenter Laura Whitmore, whose pride and pokies showed through with rather remarkable force.

Now, I'm quite familiar with the first ladies of pokey-tude here in the U.S., but my list for the Brits of gals with the proud and strong headlights is still in the formulating stage. But, make no mistake, Laura Whitmore and her sun-reaching twosome are definitely on the list. Good show, Laura, welcome to Egotastic!. Enjoy.