This Latest Trailer Offers a New Perspective on the Wonderment of ‘Watch Dogs’ (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - March 29, 2013

Last month's PlayStation 4 event was a wang-waving PR extravaganza to celebrate Sony's impending next-gen wonderbox. The much-ballyhooed console was introduced with more ‘revolutionary'-s, ‘incredible'-s and ‘innovative'-s than you could shake your buzzword-fatigued righteous middle finger at. Amid all that usual wankery, though, was footage of upcoming games, and it was enough to make gamer guys and gals everywhere desperately seek unscrupulous 'doctors' to sell their internal organs to for a slice of it and/or void their bowels involuntarily (your reaction to the show may -may- have differed to ours).

That favorite of discerning Egotastic! gentlemen everywhere, Watch Dogs, offered some frankly sextastic gameplay footage. To complement it, a fresh trailer has been released. Those among you equipped with actual goddamn functioning eyeballs will note that this is largely the same gameplay, but from the perspective of a third party in the authorities who is... watching somebody else watching our man.

Is our enigmatic protagonist, Aiden Pearce, hero or villain? Both? Neither? Does he know that his hat is, to be frank, a bit shit? Stick with us for the answers.

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