The Podcast By Men, About Men, For Men (Though They Talk A Shitload About Women, Huh)

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bill-swift - July 18, 2015

This is now my third favorite podcast in all of podcast land. The first two involve women I'm going to assume aren't really women discussing their bodies in detail as they play soft music and fondle one another. Come to think of that, this may just be porn and not an actual podcast. I really hope I never get raided.

Lex and Matt on WWTDD are two wildly insightful buffoons who now have a podcast I listen to regularly. You should too. Because you can really pretend to be working while listening to a podcast. It's genius. Faking work I mean. Not Lex and Matt, they are mediocre level intelligence. Enjoy.

If you prefer iTunes: Last Men on Earth podcast on iTunes