Larsa Pippen Leggy Candids In Slightly See-Through Dress

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rusty-mattis - January 29, 2019

You know what I've always wondered about, when someone like Larsa Pippen buys a see-through dress do they know it's see-through when they buy it? We've all been shopping and bought something that looks completely different when we bring home. I blame the bad lighting in the dressing room, but you think Larsa Pippen knew she's was going to buy a see-through dress?

Part of me is like; "Yeah, Rusty, of course Larsa Pippen knew she was buying a see-through dress. Look at her! Look at her awesome body in that see-through dress! She knew what she was doing!" and the other part of is one of those shrugging shoulders emojis. I can't really argue with myself though, half of me makes a pretty good point. Larsa Pippen does look amazing in a see-through dress. Why wouldn't she want to get one? Why wouldn't she want to wear it all around? Why shouldn't have a closet full of see-through dresses? If she did, it would make perfect sense to me. It would be like see-through dresses were her thing. The more I think about it, Larsa Pippen's thing should be see-through dresses.

I should learn to turn off that other part of my brain. Larsa Pippen in a see-through dress doesn't need much thought, other than how much I, and everyone else, enjoy it. Whether she knew the dress was see-through or not, Larsa Pippen looks hot either way.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News