Larry Sanders of the Bucks Wanted To Fight Everyone on the Pacers (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - April 21, 2012

With only a handful of games left in the NBA season, guys are getting tired, pissed off, and ready to throw down. Larry Sanders of the Bucks was apparently sick of the physical play with the Indiana Pacers last night.

Sanders knocks down one guy trying to go through a screen, yells at the ref after the foul is called, gets a technical foul, gets ejected, pokes David West in the face and then runs around trying to get a piece of anyone wearing a Pacers uniform before finally heading down the tunnel. 

The Bucks are not technically eliminated from the playoffs yet, so maybe Sanders was just trying fire up his guys. Didn't work, they lost 118-109. It was entertaining though.

Article by Eric Gray