Large and in Charge: Angry Fat Nekkid Woman Stomp Car in San Francisco

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bill-swift - February 27, 2012

(Click here to see Big Bertha un-pixelated.)

This is not the kind of thing you see every day, not unless you're super high and work cleaning the locker rooms at Curves gyms (which, I might add, is not as horrible a job as it sounds, I mean, until you find the sweaty support bra pile, then it's like living a war crime). 

Apparently, the large hallucinating woman had stripped down to her XXL birthday suit and began randomly punching people on the local muni train before cops got her off the train and wrapped her in a blanket as they checked on her medical condition. She burst free from the blanket and made her way up the front hood of this unfortunate man's car, before smashing in the windshield with the force of her own anger weight. 

Then I think a hunter shot her, bagged, her, stuffed her, and put her above his mantle place. Though I can't be sure of that last part, it seems realistic. 

For the complete naked truth:

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