Lara Flynn Boyle is doing great

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editor - April 3, 2012

1999 doesn't seem like it was that long ago but apparently it was because Lara Flynn Boyle used to look like this, and now she look like something they would base a TLC show on. But don't take my word on it, just listen to what this super unprofessional doctor has to say.

"Lara Flynn Boyle's face looks like it's melting," plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the star, told Radar.
After many years of plumping, "Now her face looks like it's deflated, with resultant loose skin … I suspect that she's either undergone corrective surgery to reverse some of the work that was previously performed, or has just plain allowed the plumping fillers to dissipate, leaving her with sagging cheeks."

Holy shit is that guy seriously a real doctor? It sounds like they just saw someone in scrubs at a Halloween party.

(image source = fame/flynet)

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