Lala Kent Works Up A Sweat In Sexy Tights At Sundance

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aldo-vallon - January 31, 2019

Take special note of the sweatshirt that is wrapped around Lala Kent’s waist. You may have interpreted that as an act of convenience due to having sweaty shoulders, or maybe you thought she was trying to be trendy. In fact, that was probably intentional on Lala’s part.

The reality of the situation is that what she is doing has nothing to do with sweaty shoulders or high-fashion at all. This has its sinister roots in old world voodoo. Ask any witch doctor and they will tell you that wearing a heavy cloth around your waist is a surefire way to blast the love handles right of your hips. They might also tell you that it will make you more fertile, but that is more of a regional thing.

Obviously Lala does not need to be overcooking any muffin top, this would be a preventative measure, if you believe in this sort of thing. I believe in it, and I am against it. I think women should have natural bodies, free from augmentation and voodoo. I make an exception for silicone, for obvious reasons, but aside from that there should be no voodoo.




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News