Lais Ribeiro Sheer Peeks In Lingerie

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bill-swift - April 29, 2016

Some of these revealing photos of Lais Ribeiro may just be illegal. At least I'd make all racy picture sof Lais illegal if I were king so I could confiscate them all to have for myself. Sort of like how high school security guards do with weed. Yes, we were always onto you, high school security. We knew you weren't returning the marijuana to the principal's office, that's why we never got into trouble. But, back to the hotties...

Lais takes her turn on the Victoria's Secret dance floor in some very sheer and showy bras and panties and body suits that I'm certain if witnessed in person would cause your bobo's to ache in an all too familiar way. It's that kind of power that could easily rule this world. It really does already for the most part. The line of Brazilian hot model women is endless, but forever appreciated. Lais, do you ever do private shows? You should see the Champagne Room set up I have at my place. I even replaced the sports posters with Monet prints. Let us get naughty beneath the water lilies. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret