Lais Ribeiro Lingerie Goddess

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michael-garcia - August 20, 2016

Ridiculously sexy Lais Ribeiro tried on her Victoria's Secret Angel wings and the lingerie that goes with it. Those angel wings have become synonymous with fancy underwear instead of religious connotations. I much prefer the former to the latter. Lais' body is simply ridiculous. In an industry where everyone is pretty much super hot, Lais stands out. She has a perfect set of yabbos. They aren't too big or too small but just right. If I were Goldilocks I would pick them as the ones I'd want to motorboat. Of all the newer Victoria's Secret Angels, she's probably my favorite. Maybe it's the Latin man in me but I think she is muy caliente, (or however you say that in Portuguese). You know what I mean.

I wonder if she wears those wings when she's...you know...doing non angelic stuff? That would be kind of hot. 


Photo Credit: Splash