Lais Ribeiro Cleavetastic Display for Fragrance Awards

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bill-swift - June 16, 2017

Who knew there was an awards show for fragrances? Okay, I did. The eau de toilettes must be appropriately honored as they do represent billions of dollars in the form of a business that wouldn't necessarily be needed if people simply showered. Or stopped watching commercials where perfumes make you happy and successful. The science on that is still out.

Nevertheless, all awards show bring out the hotties and none maybe more so than for pimping lady products, such that Brazilian VS model and swimsuit finest Lais Ribeiro showed up in a very low cut something something showing off her splendid funbags. We don't often see the underwear and bikini models in full evening regalia. I certainly feel regaled. That would explain the tingles. These ladies do clean up nice for swank evening affairs. 

Lais, next time, give me a holler if you need a date to these nighttime events. I keep my formal Crocs by the door for just such a cozy evening affair. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News