Lais Ribeiro Barely Covered For GQ Mexico

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michael-garcia - August 29, 2016

Victoria's Secret Angel and Brazilian hottie Lais Ribeiro wears mainly an arm bra and her national pride for GQ Mexico. Lais did the covered topless thing while holding the flag of her native Brazil. That country is really having a good summer. First the Olympics and now this. Of course Lais' thin arms cannot fully occlude her massive jugs so she's popping out all over. There is cleav and sideboob galore for our viewing pleasure. You almost see a nip in one of them. I have a massive crush on Lais. Of all the hotties Victoria's Secret pays to model their underwear, Lais may be my favorite. It's probably the Latin man in me liking all those South American curves. Although, her hotness transcends ethnicity and race. She's hot no matter where you are from.

Lais really should be on the Brazilian real, their national currency, just like she is in these pictures. Covered topless with the Brazilian flag. That would up the exchange rate 100%. 


Photo Credit: GQ Mexico