Lais Ribeiro Lingerie Up the Hot Wazoo

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bill-swift - June 30, 2016

In honor of the Olympics in Rio, I've decided to continue my lifelong infatuation with ridiculously hot Brazilian models for at least another couple of decades or until my bobos fall off, hopefully the former. Lais Ribeiro is so damn sultry and sextastic, her name only perhaps slightly less well known in the V.S. modeling circuit because of the staggering number of hotties who came a bit before her in the Rio to Paris and New York passion inducing flight line.

Lais is featured heavily in the latest round of Victoria's Secret lingerie pimping hot photos, perhaps because her body could cause a thousand captains to wreck their ships upon the shores hoping to crash into Lais for just ten minutes of pre-heaven heavenly nuzzling. The sight of her body in little bits of silk and lace are almost beyond comprehension for the male mind. Though not beyond instinctive blood flow reactions. We are but animals behind our obvious animal facades. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret