Lady Victoria Hervey Raises Cackles With Sideboob at Posh London Event

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

What does it mean to be a Lady? Well, it is some kind of royal title when your mum and dad are the 15th Earl of so-and-so or the 4th Duchess of Pishposh, or in the case of Lady Victoria Hervey, just barely blue blood tax evaders and pretty much scam artists. Such is the state of royalty, oh, since it's inception.

What is the real job of Lady Victoria Hervey, the 30-something society girl? Well, dating famous dudes, pretending to operate various boutique businesses, hiding from creditors, and, every now and then to stay relevant, posing in some skin-baring fashion at upscale events to draw the paparazzi cameras in tight, as Lady Victoria did at the Sports for Peace Fundraising Ball in London last night, flashing all kinds of sideboob on the red carpet.

Now, outside of our fate to impregnate Kate Middleton, our passion for royal following is quite limited. However, female flesh, be it regal or common, that we will follow to the ends of the earth. Enjoy.