Lady Victoria Bikini Action in Barbados

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rusty-mattis - January 3, 2019

If I had all the money in the world I'd travel as much as I could. I'd go see all the seven wonders of the world, hit all the famous spots, but I'd probably avoid Barbados. It has nothing to do with Barbados as a city, it's not like it's bad or anything, I just don't know what I would if I ran into Lady Victoria in a bikini on the beach.

I have no clue if they have special place on the beach for people like Lady Victoria, but I don't think I should risk it. I've never been one that could hide their emotions very well. Probably the best I could hope is maybe I'd get so excited at seeing Lady Victoria in a bikini at the beach that I'd pass out. Then again, I wouldn't want to cause any scene and make Lady Victoria's bikini day at the beach no fun. The last thing anyone wants to do is haul my passed out ass off the sands of Barbados. I don't know how anyone can do it, you know. Not haul me around, but be in the same place as Lady Victoria in a bikini.

Do they close off the beach? Anyone know? I guess some people have more stamina or whatever than I do.  It ain't no big deal to them, but how can Lady Victoria in a bikini not be a big deal? That one, I don't get.

Photo Credit: MEGA