Lady Gaga Tight Leather on Tour

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rusty-mattis - August 10, 2017

The one thing I don't get about Lady Gaga is what's up with all the different costumes she wears? Why can't she just stick to wearing leather, she's the sexiest in leather. Buck naked would be best, but she probably can't do all her live concerts that way. That's something Miley Cyrus would totally do. I get that whole putting on a big show for the people and stuff like, but can't she just wear leather outfits? Like maybe Lady Gaga could start out in like a full on leather outfit that covers up everything and then strip down as the show goes on until she's performing in nothing, but a leather bikini? I tell you what, that thought gives me a million reasons to love performing. Yeah, she's wild, she's crazy, but think of all the sexy leather outfits.

Photo Credit: Splash News