Lady Gaga Pokies Out In NYC

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michael-garcia - September 27, 2016

Lady Gaga continues to stun in her daisy duke phase with a pair of short cut-offs and a crop top shirt. There was no bra to be seen and it is kind of chilly here in New York. Needless to say, she is nipping something serious. The shirt is black but it's kind of see-through in the sunlight. Gaga has a tremendous set of perkies which look good in a crop top, an evening gown, or even meat. I don't know how long she can honestly keep up wearing daisy dukes every day but I'm all about it. She's been sporting nothing but for weeks. I think it's the look of her new album or something. Who knows with her? All I know is that I don't mind seeing those milky, silky legs all the time. They are miraculous. Not to mention that she's got a nice curvy Italian booty. It is highly smackable, but one must not do that because that's how fools get arrested.

We should hang out, Gaga. I'm free in the late afternoon. We can get some coffee and then I could maybe rest my head between your bosoms. Think about it. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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