Lady Gaga More And More Booty Show!

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michael-garcia - September 12, 2016

Lady Gaga continues to make our eyes bug out like cartoon wolves with her revealing booty shorts. All last week, Gaga was prancing around from city to city wearing short cut-offs that displayed more and more of her booty. Today's edition are the shortest ones yet. They are teeny tiny. As if we couldn't tell her booty from a line-up, she's also got "Gaga" embroidered on the butt. She has a terrific booty from all of the dancing and stuff she does in her stage shows. That plus Italian genetics giving her some awesome curves. Her booty is so curvy and tight that I'd like to wear it as a hat. I've seen her around New York but she's never showing this much skin when I am around. Sad.

We're in the last waining hot days here in New York and soon she'll be putting the short shorts away for the winter. Then again, if anyone would show off butt cleavage in the dead of winter it would be Gaga. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

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