Lady Gaga Mad That We Don’t Believe In Her Fake Disease

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Sam Robeson - September 10, 2018


Convincing people of the legitimacy of a fake disease is a full-time job for a celeb. Thankfully after her flick A Star is Born flops and her Las Vegas residency ends in a year, old drag queen Lady Gaga will be looking for one. While pimping A Pornstar Is Born, the proud crinkle fry tit sporter opened up to Vogue about how difficult it is to live with the fake disease fibromyalgia:

I get so irritated with people who don’t believe fibromyalgia is real. For me, and I think for many others, it’s really a cyclone of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and panic disorder, all of which sends the nervous system into overdrive, and then you have nerve pain as a result. People need to be more compassionate. Chronic pain is no joke. And it’s every day waking up not knowing how you’re going to feel.

Her life is "a cyclone of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and panic disorder?" Is she a multimillionaire aging drag queen or is she a World War II veteran? This is all very confusing. Notice the urgent need for Gaga to have others acknowledge her pain. Managing pain isn't her struggle. It's managing to convince others of her pain that keeps her up at night. In the Instagram era, if someone doesn't double tap on our experiences, did they even happen? Basically, the fakeness of fibromyalgia almost makes lupus seem real. Almost.


Photo Credit: Vogue / Instagram 

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