Lady Gaga Flashy In Sheer Top

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michael-garcia - August 3, 2016

The always entertaining Lady Gaga hit the town in a sheer top with no bra on whatsoever. You can clearly see her lovely upturned nipples through the shirt. She's also got a hat on like the Jewish mouse from the Fievel movies, but that's neither here nor there. What I love about Lady Gaga is that she gets up in the morning and thinks, "What provocative thing am I going to wear today to scare the stiffs?" Sometimes it's a dress made out of meat and others it's just a simple sheer shirt that shows off her yum yums. Lady Gaga's yayas aren't huge but they are a nice size for her frame. By now we've all seen her with no clothes on, but I am not tired of looking. We live in the same city and the one time I saw her in person she was completely covered up in a suit made out of feathers. True story.

Lady Gaga is sexy because she's confident, which is an ephemeral quality. It's not as easy to point to as a nice rack or plump booty. Luckily she has those things too.  


Photo Credit: Splash