Lady Gaga Daisy Dukes Out To Lunch

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michael-garcia - September 2, 2016

Superstar singer Lady Gaga hit the town in New York City wearing a pair of short daisy dukes. She was going to lunch when she flashed the city of nearly ten million people her legs. Gaga is in crazy good shape. Not only are her legs nice and toned but she's also got a taut and muscular bare mid-riff that is getting me excited. I bet she can do a lot of crunches. On top, Gaga wore basically a bra. As we know from the many times we've seen them, Gaga has a great rack. They are big and voluptuous. It's probably due to her Italian heritage. I've been to Italy and I can tell you that they have very well-endowed women. Even the guidoes here in New York have giant busts. She may act like she's a space alien sometimes, but she can't hide who she really is.

Labor Day is upon us and that means summer is over. It's really bumming me out. All the hotties will be putting away their skin until next year. I really need to move somewhere where it is warm all year. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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