Lady Gaga Braless In Manhattan

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michael-garcia - September 19, 2016

Legendary hottie Lady Gaga continued her latest trend of being braless in short shorts in Manhattan. Gaga is a native New Yorker so she knows what her city wants, nay, demands of her. That's why she was hanging out in a white t-shirt you could pretty much so through sans bra. Gaga has a nice pair of ta-tas and she is really good at showing them off. It would be weird if they were too covered up. That would be out of the norm. We've all seen her naked from time to time but it's a nice reminder of what lies beneath when she dresses this way...which is most of the time. She also had on a pair of really short shorts that give us a peek at her butt cleavage. I don't know if it has something to do with her new album that's coming out but she's been in cut-offs a lot. Maybe that's the theme of the album. 

Whatever the reason I'm all about it. Any excuse for Gaga to show off some skin is A-OK by me. I really need to find out where she's living and go see if she wants a date. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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