Lacey Chabert Cute as a Button That I’d Like to Unbutton in Bridget Marie Magazine

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bill-swift - May 3, 2014

I'd love to love Lacey Chabert for a long time. I mean, obviously in between ball games and all, but, still, this former child actress has grown up so sextastic and maturely enticing, I'm sure I could tempt into some type of rooftop loofah scrub for benefit of her skin.

Featured in Bridget Marie magazine, Lacey is clearly dolled up for the ladies, but there's no doubt her gentleman ogling fanbase will find much fun in her cleavy, hot, and bothered look amid this fashionable pictorial. Lacey, I know you're way too sophisticated for any of my lame and sophomoric come ons, but will begging with a steady stream of tears breach your emotional walls? I'm prepared to do what it takes. You are so fine. Enjoy.

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